Dr Ngaio Richards

(Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Physician)

Well known throughout Sydney as the founder of the thriving House of Fertility & Healing, Ngaio has been a practicing Acupuncturist for over 27yrs and a Chinese herbalist for 17yrs at last count. Her special interest and clinical focus in the areas of fertility, pregnancy acupuncture and women’s health through from puberty to menopause continues to expand alongside a broader general practice – most pregnant or want-to-be-pregnant people come in with various other aches/pain/health issues as well, so attending to these is a normal part of a day in clinic.

A pragmatic intuitive, she encourages a collaborative healing process through which the health issues on hand become opportunities and tools for her patient to learn how to proactively take better care & responsibility for oneself. Her tools are Chinese (acupuncture, cold laser, Chinese herbal medicine) and western medical models alongside Taiwanese influenced acupuncture to diagnose and address issues that may be undermining optimal health. Dietary & lifestyle coaching may be offered where appropriate. Beyond being symptom-free we can aim for robust energy levels and feeling fabulous! She is here to support your health goal, not another agenda. Over 27 years later, her rudder remains her awe of Chinese medicines capacity to turn people’s lives around.

She regularly updates her skills & knowledge via industry seminars, study trips to China, India & Europe under older & wiser practitioners (see below), mentoring newer practitioners & a regular meditation practice.


Ngaio is available for appointments from the following location.

The Healing Room, Hannam Vale NSW 2443

  • By appointment only. Please phone 0414 692 901 to arrange a suitable time & day.
  • You can also schedule an appointment via our online booking system.


‘Master of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine’, University of Technology Sydney, 2000- 02

‘Diploma of Applied Science (Acupuncture)’, Acupuncture Colleges Australia, Ultimo Sydney Australia, 1998-1991

Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner AHPRA, MAACMA

Published Work

“A Bitter Pill” – Journal of Chinese Medicine, October 2006

“A Story About a Small, Feisty Warrior” – Journal of Chinese Medicine, February 2005

Speaking Engagements

Oct-Nov 2014,  National speaking tour: ‘Ancient Medicine & Modern Wisdom: Explore the Synergy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Mineral Therapy with a Focus on Seasonal Allergies’ – with Blackmores: Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney

Nov 2005,  Speaking invitation to present paper on ‘A Story About a Small Feisty Warrior’, ‘International Symposium on TCM & Animal Protection’ Co-hosted by WSPA & TCM community, Toronto Canada

Continuing Professional Education

Sept 2019 –  ‘Zhu Ming Qing Scalp Acupuncture and Life Medicine’ with Professor Ming Qing Zhu & Dr Rachel Chang, Auckland New Zealand

July 2019 –  ‘The Complete Course of Tung’s Acupuncture’ with Dr Wei Chieh Young & Dr Michael Chung, Melbourne Australia

2019 –   Series of 6 events for GPs, Specialists, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, and healthcare providers who have special interests in women’s health, fertility treatment and IVF aiming to stimulate inter-professional education, collaboration and the cross-pollination of ideas, Alexandria Specialist Day Hospital (Alexandria IVF), Sydney

Jan-Feb 2019 –  ‘Cosmetic Acupuncture’ with Radha Thambirajah, Sydney Australia

 1990 – current – Senior First Aid

Nov 2018 –  ‘Fertility Blood Markers’, with Clare Pyers, Melbourne Australia

 March 2017  –  ‘Master Tung’s Acupuncture’ with Dr Robert Chu, Sydney Australia

May 2016  – ‘Dr Tan Balance Method’ with Delphine Armand, Rothenburg Germany


 Sept 2016  – ‘Medical Pulse Diagnosis’ with Bob Doane, Sydney Australia

 Feb 2015 –  ‘Distal Needling Acupuncture & Doane’s Pulse Diagnosis’ with Robert Doane, UTS Sydney Australia

August 2015  – ‘Masterclass in Skincare’ with Cheryl Ross, Sydney Australia

 March 2015 –  ‘Create Your Own Skincare Stage 1 & Advanced’ with Cheryl Ross, Sydney Australia

Feb & July 2015 – ‘Basic Cosmetic Chemistry’ & ‘Cosmetic Chemistry for Natural Therapists’ with Amanda Foxon-Hill, Sydney Australia

 July 2014 –  ‘Infertility & Gynecological Disorders’ with Professor Xu Xin, UTS Sydney Australia

 April 2014 –  ‘Tongue Diagnosis’ webinar with Giovanni Maciocia

 May 2014 –  ‘Smarter Clinical Prescribing, Blackmores Professional Celloid Mineral Therapy Fundamentals & Advanced Practitioner Training’, with Dr Pauline Roberts, Sydney Australia

 March 2013  – ‘Dermatology in Chinese Medicine: A Clinical Perspective’ with Mazin Al-Khafaji, UTS Sydney Australia

 Feb 2012  – ‘Opening To The Source’ with Charles Chace, Sydney Australia

 July 2012  –  ‘Essential Aspects of Woman’s Physiology & Pathology’ with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee, Sydney Australia

 May-June 2011 –  ‘Fertility Symposium’, TCM Kongress, Rothenburg Germany

 Oct 2010  – ‘Esoteric Acupuncture’ with Dr Mikio Sankey, Sydney Australia

 March 2009 –  ‘Core Patterns of the Shang Han Lun’ with Dr Arnaud Versluys, Sydney Australia

 April 2009 –  ‘Clinical Practice of Gynecology’, Shanghai University of TCM, Shanghai China

 April 2009  –  Private clinical tuition – Gynecology, Respiratory, Paediatrics, Gastro-intestinal, House of Celebrity Doctors, Nanjing China

 April 2009 –  ‘Clinical Practice in Herbal Medicine’, The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University Of TCM, Nanjing China

 April 2009  –  Private clinical herbal tuition, ‘Classic Formula’, Nanjing, with Prof. Huang Huang & PHD student Huang Bo, Nanjing China

 Aug 2008 –  ‘Acupuncture for Pregnancy & Childbirth’ with Debra Betts, Sydney Australia

 Feb 2007 –  ‘TCM & Infertility’ with Jane Lyttleton, Sydney Australia

 April 2007  –  ‘Clinical Practice on TCM Gynecology’, China Nanjing International Acupuncture Training Centre, Nanjing China

Sept 1995 –  ‘Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese Acupuncture’, Sydney Australia

Volunteer Positions

Aug-Sept 2006 –  Obstetric Acupuncture, Bumi Sehat Birth Centre, Ubud Bali.

1994-96 –  Acupuncture for those living with HIV/AIDS ‘The Day Centre’, Woolloomooloo Australia

“Pioneer” Introductory Package

Curious to try out some acupuncture and cost-effectively? Our “Pioneer” Introductory Package is currently available. You get an initial consultation & two follow ups treatments for $207 (a saving of $38). And if you’re in a health fund with ‘Extras’ cover you can claim back more of this cost on top of the savings as well.


Healing Room, 199 Deep Creek Rd,
Hannam Vale
By appointment only


Ngaio Richards on +61 0414 692 901