Period Pain

“We need to treat the root, not just the branch”


Period Pain

Period Pain and Acupuncture


Traditional gynaecology has a long history in Chinese medicine. ‘The Essential Prescriptions of the Golden Chest’ for example, is a highly respected text which was first published in AD220.

This honoured tome contains 3 chapters on gynaecology & discusses over 30 herbal prescriptions used specifically for gynaecological conditions.

Because of their efficacy, today many of these formulas are still widely used all around the world.

Our teachers learned that a balanced menstrual cycle is regular. Ideally it would be regular at about 28 days but the length may vary between individuals. The cycle should be regular, pretty much the same number of days every cycle.

We are taught we should not suffer with pre-menstrual symptoms, for example: irritability, anxiety, mood swings, breast distension, nausea, constipation, food cravings, headaches, teariness, murderous tendencies or fluid retention. No. No. And No!

Your practitioner may also want to know:

  • Is your bleed ‘robust’ – or perhaps the volume is heavy or light?
  • Is it red, watery, perhaps brown?
  • Are there clots? What size?
  • Is there pain? When (eg: during/before or after period/ovulation)?
  • Is the pain dull or spasmodic, sharp or stabbing? Where is it? And is it relieved by heat?
  • Do you ovulate?

Your responses to these kinds of questions gives your practitioner information about the nature of your condition.

Your amazing body is actually communicating to us what the problem is by expressing these symptoms and by listening carefully, we are better able to help your body to correct. 

Addressing period pain very often involves taking herbal prescriptions alongside acupuncture & sometimes moxibustion treatment.

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How Can Acupuncture Help You?

“Acupressure showed evidence of pain relief while acupuncture improved both the mental and the physical components of quality of life”


Dysmenorrhoea (period pain)

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