“Dear friends”

Dear friends, as I devote to you my professionalism, experience and many extra study hours dedicated to growing more advanced skills particularly in my special interest areas best practice and treatment, I am committed to giving you the most effective treatment available to me.

Thank you,


Acupuncture & Treatments – Adults

First Appointment – $105 (You can choose this option if you have never been here before, it’s for first-time only consult/treatments – or you might prefer a ‘Pioneer Package’).

Standard Follow Up Appointment – $80 (You can book this after you have had your First Appointment. Choose this option for second & subsequent appointments – or you might prefer a package instead).

‘Pioneer’ Introductory Package* (good for first-timers) This is 1x First Appointment + 2x Standard Follow-Up’s  –  $240-  (saves $25)

5-Pack  –   $380  (this is 5x standard Follow-Up consult/treatments –  5% savings)

10-Pack  –   $720 (this is 10x standard Follow-Up consult/treatments – 10% savings)

Acupuncture & Treatments – CHILDREN  (to age 6yrs)

Initial Consultation & Acupuncture Treatment – $55

Follow up Consultation and Acupuncture – $40

Credit Cards / Eftpos

If you prefer to pay with plastic, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Eftpos & also warmly welcome Amex.


Herbs are charged separately should they be required. Average fee for a box of 200 pills is $18 (this represents 5 & ½ days of treatment on average). Average fee for 1 week supply of granulated herbal formulas (which have stronger potency and are tailor designed to suit the individual’s needs) is $37. These figures represent average costs only (as some herbs are more expensive than others) and are here to provide patients with a close estimate of treatment cost.

PHONE/SKYPE HERB CONSULTATIONS are also available & these too can be booked online  $35 for the consult. Herbs are an additional charge, as above.

Booking an Appointment

We endeavour to provide efficient & effective service at all times. As a result, because we do not have a receptionist sometimes we are unable to answer the phone when we are with a patient. If you are calling to book an appointment please consider using our online instant booking system (access it by clicking on the ‘Book An Appointment’ button on each page of this website). If you need to speak to us, please leave us a message and be patient, we will phone you back as soon as we are able. Thank you.

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend your appointment or if you need to reschedule, we require 24hrs notice.

Please be considerate of other people, if you do not give us sufficient notice, someone else will probably be missing out on treatment.

You can contact Ngaio on 0414 692 901.


  • All packages are purchased in a single payment in advance.
    24 hours notice is required for any cancellation or change made to each appointment. If a patient does not turn up for their appointment, it will still be counted as if the treatment has taken place.
  • All bookings are based on a ‘first come first served’ basis although as with all patients, every attempt to accommodate the needs of the individual will be made.
  • Packages do not include any herbal preparations, these are charged separately should they be required.
  • If you would like to make a private health fund claim on a package treatment you need to make the claim personally with the health fund rather than claiming via Hicaps. Health funds will only process a claim if you have already received the treatment – meaning you can’t claim on a treatment prior to receiving the treatment.

‘Pioneer’ Introductory Package

Also when investing in a ‘Pioneer’ Package, the following conditions apply:

  • This package comprises 1x Initial Acupuncture Consult/Treatment & 2x Follow-up Acupuncture treatments, each for 1 hour.
  • Because this is a special package, you are required to complete all 3 treatments within 6 weeks of purchase. This package is designed to get results – the acupuncture healing effect gets stronger with repetition.
  • Only one ‘Pioneer’ package per person.
  • Other terms are as above.

‘The 5 & 10 Pack’  Deals

When investing in ‘The 5 or 10 Pack’ Packages, the following conditions apply:

  • The 5-Pack comprises 5x Follow-up Acupuncture treatments, each for 1 hour. Because this is a special package, you are required to complete all 5 treatments within 6 months of purchase.
  • The 10-Pack comprises 10x Follow-up Acupuncture treatments, each for 1 hour. Because this is a special package, you are required to complete all 10 treatments within 6 months of purchase.
  • There is no limit to how many ‘5 or 10 Packs’ you can use.
  • Packages are purchased in a single payment in advance.
  • Other terms are as above.
Private Health Fund Rebates

If your private health fund level of cover includes Acupuncture &/or Chinese Herbs, then you should be able to claim for your treatment. Please bring your health fund membership card with you as we have Hicaps so you can receive your rebate instantly.

If you have purchased a package from us then you will need to submit your invoice to your health fund personally. Health funds are only able to provide rebates for treatments once you have received the treatment.

“Pioneer” Introductory Package

Wanting to try out some acupuncture more cost-effectively? Our “Pioneer” Introductory Package is now available. You get an initial consultation & two follow ups treatments for $207 (a saving of $38). If you are in a health fund with ‘Extras’ cover you can claim back some more of this cost as well.


Healing Room, 199 Deep Creek Rd,
Hannam Vale
By appointment only


Ngaio Richards on +61 0414 692 901